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Why drive electric?

You charge your mobile phone each night, why not your car? Electric vehicles are better for the environment and better for your bank account. Here's why going electric makes sense:

They’re better for the environment

Owning an electric vehicle is basically like giving planet earth a metaphorical high-five. This is because New Zealand generates more than 80 per cent of its electricity from renewable sources like wind, water and geothermal – which means you’re powering your car with cleaner energy. Converting to electric is one of the biggest ways that New Zealand can reduce our emissions and our reliance on fossil fuels.

They’re good for your pocket

Do you ever commit to filling your car up, but you regret it as soon as you see the dollar figure climb up and up as you’re fuelling? You look around, hoping you’ve won some sort ‘free fuel’ competition, but it’s never the case. So how much does it cost to power an electric vehicle? Charging your EV is equivalent to paying around 30 cents a litre for gas*. Not bad eh? They can be charged anywhere there is a power point, and new EV charging stations are popping up all over the place. If you want to charge your car at home, then get yourself on a day/night plan designed just for Electric Car owners, so you can charge overnight at cheaper rates.

They are good for the long haul

If you’re worried about running out of juice on your longer trips, fear not! Thanks to an increasing number of charging stations around the country, they're working for long-distance driving too. And battery range is on the increase too - the Hyundai IONIQ can travel up to 200km on a single charge – that’s about the distance between Auckland and Rotorua.

They’re only going to get more affordable

So what happens if you want to reap the benefits of owning an EV, but the cost to buy one is slightly out of your price range? Don’t worry - the second hand market is growing. With many Kiwi companies buying EVs as their fleet vehicles and international markets already ahead of NZ in electric car volumes, we can expect to see more accessible second-hand models available to Kiwi consumers in the next few years.

* Based on information from ECCA website

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