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Recharge in Cambridge

Driving electric means every now and then, you’ll need to stop somewhere to power up. But stopping off at charging sites doesn’t just have to be about your car. It’s also a chance for you to get out and explore while your car’s getting its juice. If you’re passing through the North Island and need to plug in for half an hour or so, it’s well worth stopping in at Cambridge. So with that in mind, here’s five great things to check out while you’re there.

Fuel your engine.

Feeling peckish after a long drive? Pull up a seat at Onyx Café and grab a bite. With a hearty brunch menu, stack of wood fired pizzas and gourmet lunch options to gobble, you’ll be well geared up to get back on the road. And if you need something for the journey ahead, order an organic brew to go. There’s nothing like a caffeine hit to keep the wheels turning.

Hungry for history?

If time’s on your side and you’re big on history, leave your EV plugged in and make your way to The Cambridge Museum. With a collection of artefacts and archives that stretch right back to the 1800’s, you’ll be clued up on everything there is to know about Cambridge. The museum’s open weekdays from 10am-4pm and 10am-2pm on weekends. Plus, entry is free for all. (Which is handy as you’ve probably just spent more at Onyx than you should’ve.)

Where the locals are.

If you’re driving through on a Saturday and want something fresh and local, there’s no better place than the Cambridge Farmers Market. Grab a warm croissant with a freshly brewed coffee and soak up the leafy surroundings – and if you’re lucky, live music. Plus, if you’d like a tip or two about growing your own, head over to one of the thirty stalls and chat with a farmer – they’ll be more than happy to share some of their produce secrets.

The Hollywood of Cambridge.

The glory of Cambridge doesn’t just lie in eating, drinking and history lessons. So if you need to walk off that croissant, why not spend a few minutes stretching your legs down the Cambridge Walk of Fame? With twenty-five place names that honour the town’s local stars and entrepreneurs, you’ll get to rub shoulders with the very people that put Cambridge on the map. And if that’s not enough, you’ll want to stop by the nearby Melbourne Cup mosaics, which showcase Cambridge’s 13 winning horses.

Trot down to Pony Bar.

If you’re big on flavour and want to make one final stop before hitting the road again, head to Pony for something Spanish and spicy. Tapas, creamy deserts and zingy cocktails (grab a non-alcoholic if you’re behind the wheel) is what this bar’s best known for, as well as a seriously ambient and energetic atmosphere. We can’t think of a better way to bid farewell to Cambridge than with a full belly and plenty of laughs.

See you in Cambridge.

And that’s a wrap. So whether you’re all about exotic food, history, farmer’s markets or famous encounters, Cambridge is a great place to plug in your car – and unplug from life for an hour.

The charging stop in Cambridge is at 70 Queen Street and has both CHAdeMO and CCS/SAE plugs available – check out the Plugshare app for status updates beforehand.

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